Women's Catholic Scripture Study

Belmont, California

Our Schedule:

Day/Times: Thursdays, 9:45 AM - Noon

Location: St. Mark Church

325 Marine View Drive, Belmont, CA
Directions from Highway 101:
Exit Ralston/Belmont West
to the first traffic light on Ralston (Hiller),

Right on Hiller,
Right on Marine View Drive

For more information, and to see a sample of our Catholic Bible studies, go to http://www.turningtogodsword.com/

Our Schedule for 2020-2021:

Particular dates: TBD

Week 1: Orientation Day

The Gospel According to John: 

Week 2:   Lesson 20- And This Is Eternal Life
Week 3:   Lesson 21- Whom Do You Seek?
Week 4:   Lesson 22- My Kingship Is Not of This World
Week 5:   Lesson 23- It Is Finished
Week 6:   Lesson 24- Woman, Why Are You Weeping?
Week 7:   Lesson 25- Do You Love Me?

Prophets of the Restoration and Redemption

Week 8:    Lesson 1- How the Divided Kingdom Came to an End (click for sample lesson)
Week 9:    Lesson 2- Jeremiah After the Fall of Jerusalem
Week 10:  Lesson 3- Ezekiel: A Prophet & Priest in Exile
Week 11:  Lesson 4- The People Who Remain in Judah Lament Their Tragic Situation
Week 12:  Lesson 5- Ezekiel’s Vision of a New Temple
Week 13:  Lesson 6- Obadiah’s Oracles Against Edom
Week 14:  Lesson 7- Deutero-Isaiah Proclaims the End of the Exile
Week 15:  Lesson 8- God’s Suffering Servant
Week 16:  Lesson 9- A Dislocated People Turn to the LORD
Week 17:  Lesson 10- The Exiles Are Allowed to Return to Jerusalem
Week 18:  Lesson 11- Haggai Motivates the People to Rebuild the Temple
Week 19:  Lesson 12- Zechariah’s Hopes for a Davidic King
Week 20:  Lesson 13- Jonah: An Old Testament Parable
Week 21:  Lesson 14- Trito-Isaiah & the Return
Week 22:  Lesson 15- Joel & the Day of the LORD
Week 23:  Lesson 16- Malachi: The Final Prophetic Word in the Old Testament
Week 24:  Lesson 17- Greek Influences Threaten Judaism
Week 25:  Lesson 18- Daniel: A Model Jew
Week 26:  Lesson 19- Old Testament Eschatology
Week 27:  Lesson 20- The Voice in the Wilderness
Week 28:  Lesson 21- A Change in the Priesthood
Week 29 Lesson 22- A Revelation: Jesus Christ, King of Kings & Lord of Lords