Women's Catholic Scripture Study

Belmont, California

Past Studies:

2003-04   The Gospel of John*
2004-05   Exodus*
2005-06   Revelation*
2006-07   The Gospel of Matthew*
2007-08   The Acts of the Apostles*
2008-09   Understanding the Scriptures: A Complete Course on Bible Study by Scott Hahn
2009-10    Genesis: Hearts Aflame Scripture Study by Gayle Somers with Sarah Christmyer 
2010-11    St. Paul's Letter to the Romans*
2011-12    The Gospel of John (with different questions than used in 2003-04)
2012-13**   Scripture and the Rosary: New Testament Mysteries, Old Testament Parallels

2013-14**   The Revelation of Jesus Christ: The Faithful Witness

2014-15**   The Letter to the Hebrews: An Explanation of the Mechanism of Our Salvation 

2015-16**   Sing a New Psalm: Communicating with God through the Prayers of the Church

2016-17**   In the Beginning: The Book of Genesis 

2017-18**   The United Kingdom: Foreshadowing the Reign of Christ the King
2018-19**   Thus Says the Lord: God Speaks through His Servants the Prophets, Part One
2019-20**   The Gospel According to John: An Encounter with Grace and Truth

2021-2022**  Thus Says the Lord: God Speaks through His Servants the Prophets, Part Two

** The materials for these studies are from Turning to God's Word (http://www.turningtogodsword.com/)

*The materials for these past studies were from Catholic Scripture Study, International.