Women's Catholic Scripture Study

Belmont, California

For 2020-2021:

The Gospel According to John: (Lessons 20-25)
followed by Prophets of the Restoration and Redemption (Selections from Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Obadiah, Isaiah, Haggai, Zechariah, Jonah, Joel, and Malachi)

It always seem to work out that God speaks to our current situation through whichever study we have chosen to do and this year is no exception. First, we will get back into the Gospel of John which is arguably the most important book of the entire Bible, then we will study what was God saying through the prophets at the time that Israel went into exile and when they returned to restore the Temple.

Haven't we felt a sort of "exile" in 2020 as we have been dealing with the fear of disease, shelter in place, isolation from loved ones, and economic hardships? We can really use some words from God through his prophets right about now! Those words may be a wake-up call and at times difficult to hear, but nevertheless words we need to hear (and to heed). We will also see how God uses unexpected people to accomplish his purposes and we will find encouragement for how we can rebuild our lives to get back on track with God and grow closer to one another. As is always the case, this coming year promises to be a great one and we look forward to studying God's Word with you!
Our studies typically begin in the fall and end in May (with breaks for Thanksgiving, Christmas, President’s Holiday, and Easter). Participants prepare by reading the Bible passages and lesson pages. (Writing responses to the questions is optional.) Everyone is also encouraged to watch the online videos and check out the additional reflections for each lesson on the Turning to God's Word website. Our gatherings include an opening session, small-group discussions, and a wrap-up reflection. 

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Click here for further information on the Gospel of John at the Turning to God's Word website (additional reflections and links to the video for each lesson). Click here for the same kind of information on the prophets of the restoration and redemption study.