Women's Catholic Scripture Study

Belmont, California

Additional Resources for our Study

Our Bible study materials come from Turning to God's Word: www.TurningtoGodsWord.com. On the Turning to God's Word website, there are study pages available for each study where you can see additional commentary for each lesson,  a suggested prayer and you can even ask questions to the authors. There are also videos available for each lesson of some studies. These are very helpful! We hope you will take advantage of these free resources.

Online Bible Study Resources

Our tradition at Women's Catholic Scripture Study has been to use the Revised Standard Version-Catholic Edition as our foundational Bible translation for in-depth study. If you do not have a Bible in this translation, the following links will be of help to you:

The Revised Standard Version-Catholic Edition Bible

A searchable RSV-CE from the EWTN website

The New American Bible from the U.S. Bishops' Website

Catechism of the Catholic Church (read it, search it, online):

Choosing a Bible Translation

Here James Akin of Catholic Answers writes about how to choose a Bible translation: 

Here is a link to an article on Bible translations from EWTN: 

Here is an article about the differences in Catholic and Protestant Bibles from the Turning to God's Word website. 

Deuterocanonical Books

Here is a list of specific verses in the New Testament that quote from the Deuterocanonical books of the Old Testament: (This page also includes quotes from the early Church Fathers that make reference to the Deutercanonical books.)