Women's Catholic Scripture Study

Belmont, California


We're women of all ages from parishes all around the San Francisco Bay Area who come together to study the Word of God. 2022-2023 is our 19th year!

Mission Statement: We study Sacred Scripture so that we may grow closer to Jesus Christ and be a light for others.

Our History:  We started in the fall of 2003 with a small group of women who could all fit around one table. Today we have to use many tables when we gather. We split into small groups for discussion and we gather as a large group for the opening session and the wrap-up session.

Registration Form:

Click here or here to request to a registration form for our new study: 
The Revelation of Jesus Christ: The Faithful Witness. 

Please include in your message your name, email address, street address, city and zip code. A registration form will be mailed to you by Martha. 

Fees and submission directions are included on the registration form.